Bizideo Releases New Version of Video Website Wizard

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 17 Feb, 2012

Video website company Bizideo has released the second version of its Video Website Wizard software, which allows users to set up custom video websites for businesses.

The new version provides users with complete control of building video websites without having to know programming languages like HTML or JavaScript. Features of the solution include a simple drag-and-drop interface, HTML5 compatibility, a video CMS tool, mobile website integration and more.

"The Video Website Wizard gives users precise fractional pixel control of design elements on the screen including graphics, pictures, text and video elements," says Bill Pelton president and CEO of Bizideo. "It ties together multiple video viewers and playlists without the user having to write any complex codes to build the site, and enables users to build an effective video website easily."