Can CopyPress Solve Your Content Dilemma?

Linc Wonham
by Linc Wonham 03 Nov, 2010

Despite the occasional attempts to prove otherwise, today's Internet professionals tend to agree that content is king. Web success of any kind is enhanced immeasurably by the presence of useful, engaging content that users are compelled to share with friends and colleagues.

This simple fact presents a dilemma for many businesses, particularly those in short supply of time and resources. Producing thoughtful blog posts, enticing product pages and captivating videos on a regular basis poses a significant challenge for any business owner, and too often these tasks are supplanted by the more pressing demands of a small company's daily operations.

So-called content mills such as Demand Media have seized this opportunity to create an extremely lucrative business model, churning out thousands of pieces of semi-automated content daily and making them available to Web publishers at affordable prices. But this method has done little in the way of improving the quality of content on the Web, and many detractors argue that this assembly-line approach to content does far more harm than good.

An intriguing new product from digital marketing firm BlueGlass seeks to provide the solution. Cautiously distancing itself from Demand Media and the broader space occupied by content mills, BlueGlass refers to its new service CopyPress as "a game-changer in the world of scalable content production and delivery."

CopyPress launched into public beta this week after more than a year of testing, and BlueGlass believes it to be a unique content solution. The company bases that claim on a higher level of commitment to providing quality content at competitive prices, a standard to which it holds its teams of writers and editors. One of the criticisms often fired at Demand Media and others in the space is that their freelance workforces are often under-qualified as content creators and subsequently paid very little for their services.

CopyPress also seeks to separate itself from other content solutions by offering scalable creation, management and delivery. Users can utilize CopyPress to create a single blog post just as easily as they can commission 10,000 product descriptions. The ordering process is designed for users with drastically different needs, and a self-serve model is in the works for the future.

Other plans for the future include a robust WordPress plugin that will allow users to manage entire campaigns from their WordPress install. In addition to its new content service, BlueGlass also provides solutions in SEO, SMM, PPC and other areas of online marketing.