Comparing 3 Content Development Tools

Blogs have become an essential part of many brands' repertoire.

However, to create a successful blog that not only accomplishes the goal of communicating with customers but also raises your authority with a specific niche and increases search engine visibility takes more work than most realize.

In order to increase blogs effectiveness, businesses must post and post often. Unfortunately, the rate at which blogs should be posted often outpaces the rate at which an individual can produce them. Due to this, many businesses, specifically small businesses, have to rely on a blog-by-community approach in which they have multiple people writing and posting to their blog.

While the blog-by-community approach helps to increase the frequency at which blogs are posted, it will inevitably create some workflow problems.

Luckily, there are numerous platforms and services available to help businesses of all sizes in their quest to create a successful and thriving blog.


As a dual threat in both content development and distribution, Kapost is an expansive service that enables companies to not only organize their current and future post ideas but to also distribute their post and have them displayed on a wide variety of websites.

To help companies, Kapost allows users to schedule a start and end-date for a post to be created as well as specify the personnel that are supposed to work on each assignment. One of the great perks of this service is that employees can all see which post each other is working on. The perk this provides is that if someone needs help on a post they can look up who has written a post on the same topic before and then ask for help.


Writing an expertly crafted blog post is what everyone should strive for. However, if you write a post on something no one is interested in at the time, no matter how elegant it reads, chances are it's going to fail to perform.

To help put an end to this unfortunate reality, InboundWriter analyzes online search and user behavior data in order to help users write more relevant posts. Also, InboundWriter recently launched predictive analytics capabilities to help companies know whether their planned content marketing topics will yield web traffic and to suggest new writing topics that are likely to perform well.

An additional bonus of InboundWriter is their unique measuring tool which rates your content based on a number of key indicators like the key terms used in your post.


This expansive software helps users create quality content by essentially acting as a brainstorming program that displays what others have recently published. When users start out on Curata they select articles they like and find interesting and over time Curata learns your likes allowing it to continuously scour the Web and suggest content in which it believes the user will be interested in.

Like Kapost, those who elect to use Curata will be receiving a two-for-one type of deal. Not only does the software help users create their post but it also helps to distribute it across a wide variety of websites.

*This article has been updated as of September 23, 2014.