Content-based Applications from GageIn

Linc Wonham
by Linc Wonham 02 Jul, 2011

Online business networking platform GageIn has announced a new suite of content-based applications aimed to help sales, marketing and competitive intelligence professionals enhance their performance on the Web.

Each application delivers customized information based on specific job functions and needs. Activated automatically through user self-identification, the platform delivers pertinent data quickly and easily. Users can drill deeper into the data and deliver value to colleagues across departments or an entire enterprise, via GageIn's set of content, collaboration and job-specific tools.

"We recognized that one size does not fit all. Sales, marketing, and competitive intelligence professionals have very different needs when it comes to content aggregation, information sharing and collaboration," says Dr. Luosheng Peng, CEO and President of GageIn. "We crafted and improved each application through trials with small and large organizations in the past months."

The new customized applications target the following areas in the following ways:

-    Rich sales intelligence delivered on one platform
-    Complete company and employee profiles
-    Lead conversion tracking
-    Company and contact import/export capability from/to your CRM system

-    A database of 13,000+ publications to monitor company and competitor news
-    Media coverage tracking
-    Real-time update streams and company profile management tools
-    Automated business promotion tools that syndicate marketing content to audience ecosystem, including social channels
-    Social media integration

Competitive Intelligence
-    Traditional and social business intelligence on one platform
-    Real-time intelligence collaboration
-    Customizable content delivery
-    Powerful filters and organizational tools
-    Industry trends tracking

The three applications and associated features are offered to users for free.