Don't Sit Idly By, Start Moving Bloggers

By Derek Schou, Associate Editor

Mobile devices have dramatically altered the way business is conducted. No longer are professionals bound to their desktops, but instead, can take their work with them on the go.

One of the many types of digital professionals that smartphones have positively impacted is bloggers, as they can meet consumers' insatiable demands for new content from wherever they are.

Below are five of the most popular blogging content management systems (CMSs) that enable every user to blog on the go thanks to dedicated mobile apps.


As one of the most powerful and popular CMSs on the market, WordPress enables mobile bloggers to easily create and edit blog posts.
Bloggers can post, comment, edit and upload media to their blogs all from their Android or iOS devices, while also monitoring their top posts and most popular stories thanks to WordPress's stats. Further, users can discover where their readers are coming from to ensure they are producing the right content for the right audience.   OverBlog

With an interesting array of features, OverBlog's mobile app provides is a quick way to create, update and manage one's OverBlog.

One of the most unique features from OverBlog is the ability to insert content from many of the most popular social media networks. If bloggers see an interesting image on Flickr or a unique video on YouTube, for example, they can easily import the media into their posts for readers to interact with. What's also particularly useful is that OverBlog lets users moderate comments on the go, as well as switch between multiple accounts. The latter is something even the most popular apps (like Instagram) do not allow users to do.

(Preview of OverBlog's blogging option for mobile users)


With more than 194 million blogs, Tumblr is one of the most popular blogging networks on the Web.
Tumblr's mobile app provides its users with a comprehensive experience through which they can publish posts, videos, images, links and even manage multiple blogs from their mobile devices. Perhaps one of the most helpful features is the ability to schedule posts for publication so they can keep a constant stream of new content on their blogs without having to manually publish articles throughout the day and night.

Another interesting capability of Tumblr's mobile app is that it enables bloggers to edit their mobile layout. This feature, released just last year, is available within the main app for easy use by all.


When working on the go it's important to understand that interruptions are bound to happen.

One of the many useful features of Blogger's mobile app is the ability to quickly save an unfinished post for completion at a later point. To help make posts more engaging, the app enables bloggers to insert pictures from their smartphone's image gallery or by taking a picture from within the app.

Another unique feature available through Blogger is the ability to geo-tag posts. By adding location information, bloggers can help to elevate engagement for location sensitive material like a post relating to a trade show at a conference center.

(Preview of Blogger's mobile app with a geo-tagged post)


A robust mobile app, Weebly lets users start an entirely new blog from their smartphones, complete with a drag-and-drop creator and modern themes. It, of course, also enables mobile users to create new blog posts, respond to blog comments, share posts on social media and more.

One of the most interesting features the Weebly mobile app offers bloggers is image filters. By leveraging this option, bloggers can take ordinary photos and transform them into something more visually engaging.

Get Up, Get Moving

Mobile devices have forever changed the way that business is conducted. No longer must bloggers sit at a desktop surrounded by the walls of their home or office. Instead, they can be out and about and still communicate with their audience. So what are you waiting for? Get up and start exploring.