First Universal Video URL Service Launched in Private Beta

Linc Wonham
by Linc Wonham 24 Jan, 2011

The world's largest video encoding service provider has announced a private beta launch of the first Universal Video URL service, called The free beta program from includes encoding, storage and delivery, and is now available to the first 1,000 qualified users. strives to simplify the preparation and delivery of video to all mobile devices and browsers, thus solving the biggest challenge facing publishers of online video. Users only need to publish a short URL provided by for each source video and the service will deliver the optimized video.

The growing number of devices and a lack of standardization across platforms is complicating the video ecosystem for content publishers. With, all videos are pre-transcoded to all popular Web and mobile formats so that when an end-user requests a video, detects the device and serves the correct and optimized video.

Publishers can embed the HTML5 code provided by directly into their Web pages or Flash players, or can share the provided short URL via SMS, Facebook, Twitter or other social media outlets. Visit the website to view a 90-second video that showcases the video content producer's problem and the new solution from