Get Personal with Content, See Results

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 12 Oct, 2012

Site visitors are most engaged when they are provided with personalized content - for obvious reasons.

This is why Local Offer Network, a provider of ecommerce technology, data and services, has launched the Catalyst platform, which combines real-time personalization and content scoring to help publishers deliver the right coupons, offers, deals or other content to visitors from their very first visit.

Catalyst assembles data from multiple Web-wide sources, including MasterCard audiences, into an anonymous user profile. The platform then takes out the most relevant content for that specific user from Local Offer Network's database of more than 100,000 offers, coupons and deals. That content is filtered for quality via Local Offer Network's Adaptive Response Model Score, which is a predictive algorithm that scores content items for expected performance, and is then served to the publisher for display on any site, app or email.

"It's well-known that when faced with a flood of choices, consumers tune out and make no choice at all," said Dan Hess, CEO and co-founder of Local Offer Network. "Catalyst creates an up-to-the-minute shortlist of shopping content for each user - and when that happens, both consumers and publishers win."