Must-Have Chrome Extensions for Content Marketers

Apurva Jog
by Apurva Jog 04 Dec, 2015

Content marketers probably wish for an extra pair of hands to help get their work done during the day.

From creating content to curating content and then promoting it - a content marketer's plate is always full. Luckily, there are some fabulous Chrome extensions they can use to help carry the load. These tools can help with content curation, scheduling, organizing emails, checking content and much more. 

Chrome extensions are like lifesavers for all content marketers because they can drastically reduce the time and effort that goes into doing mundane tasks that can easily be taken over by a tool. Here's a roundup of five Chrome extensions that content marketers can use as part of their daily workflow. 


The most important skill a content marketer should possess, is the ability to communicate clearly. The content that they generate has to be a pleasant to read and free of any errors. The Grammarly Chrome extension is a great tool that checks for grammatical errors in content. Whether the content is being generated for a blog post, article, newsletter or for social media posts and emails, the Grammarly extension can be used to run a check for spelling mistakes, awkward sentences and basic sentence structure. 


Content marketers work on multiple pieces of content at once, and keeping track of sources for each article/post can get a little frustrating. OneTab allows them to organize their sources in a way that makes it easier to access the same websites later. The extension saves all the links and organizes them into neat lists. These lists can be renamed depending on the project that is being worked on. 

OneTab also lets the user share these lists with colleagues and clients. With this Chrome extension it is possible to save up to 95 percent memory and it also helps reduce the clutter when there are multiple tabs open. The saved links can be opened up either individually or all together at once. 


A social media management tool and a content curation tool packaged into one neat extension for Chrome. What more could a content marketer ask for? The DrumUp extension helps reduce the time and effort that goes into seeking fresh content for social media pages. Based on the content that is being read at the time, the extension can suggest other similar stories that might be of interest to the user. After clicking the DrumUp icon, the drop-down box will show up to 10 story recommendations which can be shared on the user's social media accounts directly from the browser. 

DrumUp also allows scheduling so that the posts can go out at a desired time. It's a perfect extension when content marketers are short on time and can't curate and schedule content for multiple social media accounts. 


The RiteTag Chrome extension works really well for content marketers when they create posts for Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. Content marketers are often baffled about the hashtags they should use for their posts. RiteTag can indicate the best hashtags that complement the content that is being published. When a specific hashtag is being added to the post, RiteTag provides precise analytics so that users can see how well the hashtag will be received and how it can improve their posts. 

Content marketers can also the RiteTag extension to know which images, GIFs or memes to add with their posts. Adding visuals to posts is always an advantage because visual content has the potential to attract attention and keep it. 


Content marketers carry out a lot of email correspondences. Often they have to send out emails in the middle of the night because their clients or colleagues might be in different time zones. The Boomerang Chrome extension allows users to schedule pre-written emails so that they are sent out on time without the need to wake up at odd hours. Boomerang also offers a tracking functionality so that users can track their emails to see whether they have been replied to or not, and receive alerts if a contact has not replied to emails. 

All these Chrome extensions can help ease a content marketer's workload during the day. They can help with many of the daily activities that a content marketer carries out. All it takes, is a quick install.

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Apurva Jog is a content writer at Godot Media, a leading content writing services firm. She writes about social media marketing and content marketing. Her other interests include films, music and traveling.