Hilton Campaign Encourages Engagement, Time Off

Shareable, engaging and timely, Hilton Hotels & Resorts "International Use It or Lose It Week" is marketing at its best. Through social media, quizzes, memes (like the ones shown below), giveaways, "out of office" emails and more, this humorous campaign encourages working professionals to use their hard-earned vacation days before the year is over and enjoy leisure time with friends and family this holiday season. 

This "Use it or Lose It" marketing blitz is a continuation of Hilton's Vacationitis campaign launched earlier this year, which has had great success in championing breaks and vacations to working professionals. The launch earlier this year resulted in 60,000-plus visits to the site and more than 20,000 completed quizzes.

Social media has helped fuel Hilton's campaigns, as users can engage with Hilton at www.facebook.com/hilton and follow #Vacationitis on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest at @hiltonhotels. Fans are also encouraged to share photos depicting "I'd rather be there, than here" - contrasting images from their daily lives, such as their office, with places they might rather be, like a beautiful beach in the Caribbean. Fans can see more at Instagram.com/hiltonhotels. 

Here are three takeaways from Hilton's vacationitis campaign from Jan. 2013.