Imgur Embeds Provide Content Creators Full Control

Derek Schou
by Derek Schou 09 Apr, 2015

Images are some of the most popular media on the Web with more than 350 million photos being uploaded to Facebook each day alone.

Imgur, one of the most popular image hosting services, has recently announced that it has created a new embedding unit for images hosted on the site.

The new unit gives content creators full attribution and copyright control over their content when it's shared outside of Imgur. Now, when an Imgur hosted image is embedded on another site viewers will not only see the image but also the original poster and the details that accompany the post. Also, as an added bonus images posted with the code will allow users to navigate to the full post page so users can vote and comment on the image or album.

"Every day, Imgurians are sharing an endless stream of funny, informative, fascinating, and unexpected images with the Imgur community," states the Imgur blog announcement. "We know your OC is important to you, so we're excited to announce that we've created an all new embedding unit that gives you full attribution and copyright control over your content when it's shared outside of Imgur."