InstantPresenter Video Conferencing

Flash-based web conferencing and video conferencing service announced full Mac support for its screen sharing services as well as full PayPal integration.

Much like other web conferencing services, the Instant Presenter service shares the presenter's screen with their on-line audience, allowing them to present any action they take on their computer without the strict limitation of PowerPoint or explaining a service over the phone. Currently only a few video conferencing companies have Mac support and with the increasing numbers of Mac users - InstantPresenter is on the cutting edge. The mac related updates also include the ability to record video conferencing sessions while using InstantPresenter. Screen sharing, video and audio meetings are all stored on InstantPresenter's servers and are available for viewing and playback.

InstantPresenter also now offers PayPal Integration into their suite of services, allowing presenters to sell access to their webinars or video conferences, and most importantly offering content presenters a easy way to monetize their content. Product prices are set by the presenter and they receive 100% of the sale and InstantPresenter does not charge a sales commission. InstantPresenter's PayPal integration starts at only $39 per month.