Is Video Scribing The Next Big Thing?

Linc Wonham
by Linc Wonham 02 Feb, 2012

From the biggest brands to the smallest businesses on the Web, an increasing number of marketers are recognizing the power of online video to create awareness and sell their products and services.


It has become such a popular Internet marketing tool, in fact, that many companies are looking for ways to make their videos stand out above the competition. One emerging strategy on its way to hitting the mainstream is video scribing, also called whiteboard animation.


Made popular by companies such as Ydraw, Room 214 and Whiteboard Animation Studio, video scribing is widely considered to be the next big thing in online video marketing. The high-speed reenactment of an artist's sketch or whiteboard presentation is rapidly becoming a more memorable and effective method for delivering marketing messages or providing information and instruction about products and services.


This engaging tactic gives consumers something to watch that most have never seen before. Whiteboard animation keeps viewers actively involved in what is being created on the screen in front of them and, unlike many traditional online video executions, these videos never get old from the viewer's perspective.


The drawback, pardon the pun, is that video scribing does not come cheaply -- at least not yet. Ydraw's lowest pricing option is estimated to be about $3,000 for art and production costs, for a single video. Add a professionally written script, voiceovers, music and more, and that cost could triple.


But this is definitely a strategy that seems to be taking off, and one to keep your eye on. See for yourself by visiting the links above and decide if you want to be on the cusp of what could be the next big trend in Web marketing.