Master List of A/B Testing Solutions

No Web designer, site owner or marketer sets out to create a poor-performing app or website.

Rather, Internet professionals internalize every element on a Web page - from calls to action to images - to optimize the site for conversion, user experience and more. Unfortunately, many websites and apps do not perform up to the hopes of their makers. In order to see where websites and apps are failing and how they can improve, it's important to test the various elements with a powerful solution.

Below is Master List of A/B solutions that can help businesses turn their existing (or future) apps and websites into digital stars.


Servicing clients like Canon, Intuit and Amazon, Unbounce offers businesses a powerful A/B testing solution with an expansive range of features. With features like a drag-and-drop landing page developer, businesses are able to create responsive landing pages and immediately publish and test them without delay.

Visual Website Optimizer

Not only is it important to test websites (both for mobile and desktop) for optimization, but it's also important to test apps. Through Visual Webstie Optimizer businesses can A/B test their iOS apps and test everything from button color to images to content.


Offering tools for both A/B and multivarient testing, SiteSpect enables businesses to test everything on their site or app including features, content and functionality. SiteSpect also delivers real-time results so businesses can know how their campaigns are performing every step of the way.


With integrations for dozens of the most popular software on the market including WordPress, tumblr and Magento, Convert is an enticing option for businesses in any vertical. Also, with a built-in integration for Google Analytics, businesses will have easy access to comprehensive data detailing how their sites are performing.


Qubit offers businesses a flurry of applications and features to help them optimize their websites. Along with their A/B testing tool, Qubit helps businesses focus on specific segments of visitors with their Discover features as well as understand global trends with its Decipher feature to help with product merchandizing.

Google Analytics Content Experiments

A slight variant on the standard A/B testing model, Content Experiments uses a form they describe as A/B/N where businesses can test up to 10 full version of single page instead of just two. Businesses can define what percentage of their visitors they want included in the experiment as well as define an objective to test.


Currently in the Beta testing phase, Amazon's A/B testing service is strictly for mobile applications. Businesses are able to customize each test with segmented participants based on whatever criteria they choose. The service allows businesses to test on iOS, Android and Amazon apps.


The goal of running A/B tests, or any test for that matter, is to increase the performance of a website or app. Kii enables businesses to quickly update their apps with no downtime to the consumer based off of their test results. In other words, consumers will not have to download an update in order to receive the latest changes and upgrades to the app.


Also servicing high-powered clients (Microsoft, TravelZoo and NBC Universal), Optimizely is a popular testing tool that deliver features such as analytics as well as a visual point and click editor for those who are not as code savvy.


While A/B testing provides businesses with a wide breadth of information, there is always more that can be learned. Through Optimimo, businesses can receive even more data on how consumers are viewing their apps through techniques such as heatmaps and path flows.


With no coding required, Leanplum offers businesses a powerful testing solution for their mobile apps where they can target specific consumers by segmenting their variations based on specifications like geography, device type and in-app behaviors.