Monetize Video Across Devices with Brightcove

Brightcove has made it easier for businesses to monetize video across devices, thanks to the general availability of its monetization solution for HTML5 video.

The video solution includes support for Video Ad Serving Template (VAST)-compliant pre-, mid- and post-roll ads, a new HTML5 video player API for setting and changing ad policies, as well as HTML5 video plugin support for popular ad servers, including FreeWheel, Google, Videoplaza and YuMe.

By leveraging the solution, businesses can maximize the revenue potential of their online video initiatives across platforms, including desktops, mobile devices, operating systems and browsers, as well as choose the best ad servers for their business.

"Media companies today must have confidence that their online video platform can address the ever changing landscape of monetization opportunities across a wide range of screens and devices," said Chris Johnston, vice president of digital media solutions at Brightcove. "From early on, Brightcove has invested heavily in building a strong ecosystem of HTML5 advertising partners and a flexible, open architecture that makes it easy for partners to integrate with our platform. We are committed to helping our media customers future-proof their online video advertising initiatives and ensure they can consistently and reliably reach their audiences and generate the most revenue."

It is also important to note that Brightcove invested in its Smart Player framework over the past year, which automatically adapts the video experience to account for operating system and browser inconsistencies. This technology ensures that ad integrations will work consistently across both HTML5 and Flash-based desktops and mobile devices, as well as makes it easy for advertising partners to build integrations. Moreover, the Smart Player framework allows users to future-proof their online video investments and advertising strategies by offering support for new platforms and operating systems as they enter the market.

Currently, the Video Cloud platform provides HTML5 video plugin support for ad servers from FreeWheel, Videoplaza and YuMe and Flash video support across more than 30 other ad servers and networks. Additionally, Video Cloud is among the first online video platforms to support Google's IMA3 SDK on both Flash and HTML5, which enables publishers to take advantage of advanced features in the DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) video module.