DIRECT Delivery from Digital Content Platform

Content delivery solution developer Solid State Networks has made available its DIRECT 3 digital delivery application platform.

DIRECT 3 is a technology designed for app developers, content publishers and ecommerce providers to deliver digital products and services online. It was created with rapid development top-of-mind, and features a native client to incorporate the necessary functionality for most delivery applications. It also offers support for extensive customization using standard Web technologies such as JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

The platform supports various use cases for digital distribution to both consumers and enterprise users, and it has already been employed by some major names in digital content. Video game development company BioWare is already using DIRECT 3 for game deliver and updates, while Adobe has used the platform to deliver its Flash Player and Reader software programs. Other notable users include Hasbro and DigitalRiver.

DIRECT 3 includes native clients for Windows and Mac operating systems, publishing workflow tools and a reporting system. Additional capabilities required by digital delivery applications include versioning, differencing, updating, advanced proxy support, real-time delivery logistics, dynamic payload assembly and secure integration with a publisher's back-end system or third-party service.

New services for DIRECT 3, as well as support for other operating systems, will be announced later this year.