Platformic's New Embedded Content Tool

Maureen Alley
by Maureen Alley 27 Mar, 2009

Platformic launched its Embedded Content Tool designed to allow website owners easier ways to embed multimedia on their sites in real-time.

This new tool allows for faster implementation of audio, video and photos without relying on a website professional to know HTML or other behind-the-scene requirements. "Historically, building pages such as those enabled by the Embedded Content Tool would require programmatic effort, serious modifications and often integration with third-party providers to add digital assets such as audio, video and photos and photo galleries," said Claudio Canive, CEO of Platformic in its press release.

Embedded rich content will add to users' experience and keep them at the sites longer. Platformic is a website development company that assists website owners with creating, hosting, updating and support of their websites, eliminating the need to have in-house IT professionals. The Tribune Company and Comcast SportsNet are two companies that utilize Platformic.


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