So You Want To Podcast?

Yahoo! released a beta version of its podcast search engine on Monday (October 9th, 2005). If you're still a little unsure about podcasting you are not alone - it still remains a mystery to some and arguably caters to a higher-end audience. If you're interested in starting your own podcast (and it's a decent approach to communicate to customers and prospects for business development, sales teams and public relations departments) you can do so by following along and visiting some of these popular 'Net resources.


Explaining Podcasting


Podcasting is making audio files (most commonly in MP3 format) available online in a way that allows use to automatically download the files for listening at their convenience. According to Wikipedia "Podcasting is a way of publishing files to a website that allows users to subscribe to the site and receive new files as they are posted. Most podcasts are spoken word audio created by individuals, often on a particular theme such as technology or movies. Because new files are downloaded automatically by subscribers, podcasting allows individuals to have a self-published, syndicated radio show."


Creating a Podcast


Ay...there's the rub. It is actually less complex than many believe. To record audio and create an MP3 file, many people are utilizing a software called Audacity because 1) it's free, 2) it's easy, and 3) it works really, really well. You can download Audacity here: (review the helpful tutorials before getting started - PLEASE NOTE: you will have to download a program to export your files from audacity called LAME MP3)


Creating A Podcast RSS file


If you publish a weblog, you create what is known as an RSS feed (Real Simple Syndication) which is actually a text file created in Extensible Markup Language or XML that enables you to syndicate your content throughout the Web. It is important to create separate RSS feeds for your weblog AND your podcast for maximum exposure of each in the blogosphere and the podcastosphere respectively. While your weblog may automatically create an rss feed or an xml file you can use to syndicate, you may not know how to create your own when it comes to podcasting. WSM recommends creating an RSS feed specifically for your podcast at or


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Is Podcasting a Phase?


Probably so but it has not stopped anyone from creating their own podcasts. Podcasting is undeniably a great way to communicate to business prospects or simply share your very own personal message with the Web. Since the barriers to creating a podcast are few, why not start one today?