QUICK HIT: AI Changes the Digital Advertising Game

The adoption of cognitive systems and artificial intelligence will drive worldwide revenues o $47 billion in 2020 - up from from $8 billion in 2016) according to IDC.

AI is clearly driving change at an incredible rate in every industry, but it has been digital advertisers who have been first to leverage the technology. 

BrightEdge, for example, recently announced that over 85 percent of its customers and more than half of the Fortune 100 have adopted its BrightEdge Insights product (which uses the deep learning capabilities of the company's Datmind product), which is designed to help marketers deliver better results from organic search and content marketing initiatives using machine learning and artificial intelligence. 

BrightEdge Insights is a product that essenitally serves as a marketer's "personal data analyst," working in the background to identify changes outside normal behaviors (e.g. perhaps an influx of 404 errors). The system then prioritizes the most relevant findings (based on billions of potential data points) so marketers can focus on those initiatives that provide the most significant impact to their business.

Artificial intelligence is making it easier for advertisers and marketers to deliver a better customer experience and increased performance across all digital channels and it's clear that advertisers are embracing the opportunity.