Testing Platforms Get Put to the Test

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 25 Sep, 2015

Testing is an essential part of any digital business, but not all testing platforms are built the same. Fortunately, a new report from Forrester is shedding light on the top companies in the testing space based on a 40-criteria evaluation.

According to the data from "The Forrester Wave" report, Adobe, Maxymisr, Optimizely and SiteSpect are leading the testing pack, as all have consistently strong offerings and areas of significant differentiation among them.

For example, the report notes that Maxymiser's key differentiators include support for campaign planning and control, segment development and execution, professional services and executive vision. Adobe, on the other hand, sets itself apart with its capabilities to deploy tests on social sites and applications, A/B testing, the availability of related native applications and internalization.

The study also found that SiteSpect's areas of differentiation include its winning results selection, administration, test deployment and its handling with fixed Web domains, reports and deployment licensing options. Conversely, Optimizely's differentiators include above-average feedback from customers on the usability of its A/B testing, as well as its dashboard and monitoring capabilities.

"We are very pleased to be named a Leader in the Forrester Wave for Online Testing Platforms," said  SiteSpect's CEO, Eric J.Hansen. "We believe that the report reaffirms the importance of A/B and multivariate testing for stakeholders involved in delivering better and more personalized customer experiences, across all digital channels, from 'look and feel' to features and functionality."

While the study found that the aforementioned companies lead the pack when it comes to testing, it also shed light on other competitive options, which include HP, Monetate and Webtrends. In fact, the report indicates that these companies have robust offerings when evaluated against criteria like support for campaign scheduling, campaign preview, administration and test deployment and data handling within fixed websites. Areas for improvement, however, include reports and alerts distributions, internalization and base of customers installed.

Lastly, the report named Qubit as a contender in the testing space, as the company performed well for campaign access, campaign preview, application interface, overall customer satisfaction, market trajectory and staff dedicated to online testing. That said Qubit didn't perform as well in other criteria, like multivariate testing, reports, native applications and internalization.