The Key to Videos, Make Them Easily Discoverable

Derek Schou
by Derek Schou 27 Jun, 2014

With video expected to be 79 percent of all consumer Internet traffic by 2018, it's not surprising that new technology for video content is continuously coming out.

Vidyard, a video marketing solutions company, has announced the availability of a new product called Vidyard Video HubWith the new product, marketers have the ability to create video playlists, categories, tags and a fully customizable page layout for their videos.

Creating categories and tags is an important part of Video Hub because it allows for users to more easily discover a companies videos through the use of keywords, which will increase their traffic from organic search. Allowing for a customized page layout helps marketers to create a look and feel that is representative of their company, instead of the routine uniformity seen on sites like YouTube. The ability to create playlists is a bonus for marketers because it enables users to see multiple related videos in succession without requiring them to do anything. 

Part of what has made Vidyard an appealing option for marketers in the past is their video analytics. Vidyard's analytics allows marketers to view how many users have seen their video, how many minutes users have spent watching their video and the region where their video is most popular. This data not only helps marketers figure out which videos are their most popular, but also where their company is most popular. 

"With Vidyard Video Hubs, marketers can now showcase their online video collections within their own branded channel experience while tracking detailed information on each viewer and their viewing habits," said Michael Litt, CEO and co-founder of Vidyard. "It's a powerful turnkey solution that puts marketers back in control of their content and their customers."