2015: The Year of Millennial Engagement!

Before 2013 nobody really cared about millennials - with the exception of themselves, of course.

While this is not an entirely true statement, data from Google Trends shows relatively low search interest prior to that year. As Website Magazine readers know, interest started rising around that time and hit its peak in 2015. Last year, professionals couldn't escape the importance of engaging the millennial consistently across channels. In this edition of Website Magazine's Stat Watch, readers will find statistics that will provide brands encouragement to refocus their marketing and Web design efforts on these consumers and their often-demanding expectations.

As many know, however, millennials aren't just impacting the online experience. Enterprises of all kinds and sizes must now learn how to engage this demographic in their places of business too.

The 2015 Deloitte Millennial survey (analyzing 8,000 respondents born after 1982 who have a college degree and work full-time), for instance, found only 28 percent feel that their current organization is making use of their skills. While this may induce eye-rolling for some, it's a good indicator of how engaged millennials are in the workplace. What's more, while most millennials (59 percent) hope to become the leader or senior executive within their current organization, according to the study, only 27 percent rated their leadership skills as strong - indicating companies will need to nurture their aspiring leaders.

"These findings should be viewed as a wake-up call to the business community, particularly in developed markets, that they need to change the way they engage millennial talent or risk being left behind," said Barry Salzberg, CEO of Deloitte Global.