Tools to Measure & Manage Content Marketing

In today's diverse market it is important for companies to be able to reach as many consumers as possible.

In order to be able to do this, companies need to have a powerful content marketing strategy. However, even the strongest of marketing strategies can fall short of its goal so it is important that companies are able to monitor their campaigns every step of the way.

There are a variety of tools available to help companies in their quest to perfect their content marketing campaigns.


Through an expansive list of tools, Raven offers companies a well-rounded content management tool that can serve various functions.

One of the most important functions that Raven can serve for companies is to make sure their content is optimized before it is published through their integration with Scribe, a Copyblogger Media tool. With Scribe, companies will be able to analyze their content and get back recommendations on how to improve it for search engine optimization (SEO) through methods like adding keywords. A bonus with Scribe is that your content will also be analyzed for readability by grade level, helping companies to produce the most well written content possible.

"When you run a Scribe evaluation for a piece of content, it automatically checks for SEO keyword density and technical SEO errors," said Arienne Holland, director of marketing and customer experience for Raven. "You get a Page Score of 1-100, with 100 being the best possible score. Then it offers specific advice on what to change about your content to improve its search engine visibility. After you make those changes, re-run the evaluation, and you'll see the Page Score improve."

An added bonus of Raven is that companies can sift through content and sort it by author name as well as SEO scores. With this companies can easily determine who is the most and least productive on their team.


Keeping an eye on the competition is a necessity in today's global environment. Not only is it important to understand how your company is doing but it is important to understand how your competition is performing as well.

TrackMaven allows marketers to measure both their companies as well as their competitions' performance through a vast expanse of key metrics. The platform searches the Web to discover every instance your company and your competitors were mentioned and displays a quick snippet the article along with a clickable link so marketers can read it if they so choose.


With a wide-ranging list of features, Eloqua (an Oracle product) is an all-inclusive tool that's helps companies during all points of the content marketing process.

Through Eloqua companies can plan, create, publish, promote and analyze their content bringing the software to a level that others cannot match. Eloqua's planning feature allows companies to schedule and organize their current and future posts as well as store ideas for future use. Also, companies who leverage the software can view key metrics through its one-stop dashboard.


Considering that social media is the number one activity on the Internet it's no surprise that companies have taken to the channel to communicate with their consumers.

Buzzsumo enables marketers to quickly see how topics and competitors are performing on social media. The interface is easy to use and comprehend with a clear layout that displays the number of shares articles have received on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ as well as a convenient total shares column at the end.

A more detailed feature on the site allows users to examine who has shared articles content. This feature allows marketers to see who are the biggest proponents of their company as well as those of their competition.


With an expansive suite of features, Vocus enables companies to not only track their contents performance but also manage its production. Through its workflow automation and lead scoring features companies are not only able to plan out and schedule their content production but they are also able to receive a quick glimpse into how it will perform.

However, Vocus really comes into stride with its performance tracking capabilities. With these capabilities, companies are able to see which channels and content consumers are engaging with the most and driving the most click-throughs.