Tweetformercials: Video Tweets

Maureen Alley
by Maureen Alley 13 Aug, 2009 is taking a page from advertising and Twitter by combining them with its Instant Video Productions called Tweetfomercials. The company will produce video tweets with 140 characters just like the social network with a cost of $140.

Multimedia is a big aspect of advertising and user experience so it's an interesting combination. "Having a CNN news veteran record the advertiser's message, TV newscast style, complete with contact information could provide the edge," according to the release.

There's no argument we've become a instant gratification society with headline reading instead of whole articles, as well as a look at the dramatic success of Twitter and its 140 character information share. So this new advertising idea is an interesting concept.

Customers can extend their video with $1 per additional word, and $50 to add photos. Videos are created with 24 hours and shared with a customer base. At $140 per video, will you explore the world of Tweetformercials? Comment below.