Unveils Enterprise Testing Platform

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 10 Jun, 2013

Popular online testing service,, has extended its services to include a full-service Enterprise testing platform.

The platform provides enterprises with a usability testing solution that helps clients keep up with the demands of Web and mobile app development. Plus, the Enterprise platform offers advanced targeting and expanded recruiting tools, as well as live intercepts, moderated testing, quantitative metrics, research and testing services.

"According to eMarketer, mobile sales reached $25 billion in 2012," said CEO of, Darrell Benatar. "As shoppers continue to choose their smartphones and tablets to make purchases, enterprises recognize the need to validate their messaging, content, design, navigation and buying process with people from their target audience. With's Enterprise Platform, our testing services team will do the work so it's even easier for larger companies to reach their goals of improved conversion, retention and profitability."

The Enterprise platform allows users to test websites, ads, mobile sites and apps. Companies already leveraging the platform include Facebook, eBay, Discover and Groupon. Learn more about the features of the Enterprise Platform below:

Advanced Targeting - Enterprises can leverage demographic filters and customizable screeners to receive direct user feedback from their target market.

Expanded Recruiting - In addition to's panel of more than 1 million participants, enterprises can recruit customers or visitors directly from their websites with live, moderated intercepts.

Moderated Testing - connects enterprises with live participants through remote moderated testing, remote focus groups or 1-on-1 market research.

Research/Testing Services - An account manager provides Enterprise clients with a report of insights that include bookmarked findings in user videos. Additionally, can plan, write and administer custom usability studies.

Quantitative Metrics - In addition to user feedback, offers quantitative data, comparative charts and other reports.