Vine Supports Importing Videos

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 22 Aug, 2014

Twitter's popular video sharing app Vine has updated its platform to now allow users to import and edit their videos.

Previously, users only had the ability to film content while within the app and did not have access to editing tools. That said, the app's biggest rival, Instagram, has supported both importing and editing videos for a while now.

"Every day, millions of people open Vine to share memories in the moment," the Vine blog post states. "Today, Vine unlocks a new camera that gives you the freedom to create a Vine in any way you want. The new camera offers powerful ways to edit your videos as well as the ability to import existing videos on your phone and turn them into Vines. Simply put, this release gives you total creative freedom - and it's all within the app."

The new editing features within the app include a mute option to block out background noise, as well as a duplicate, preview and undo option. With preview, for example, users can preview their last clip directly from the capture screen. If users decide they don't want to use the clip in their video, they can simply tap the button again to undo it.

Moreover, by clicking the wrench on the capture screen, users obtain access to a variety of other tools, including grid and a focus lock tool that works with both front-facing and back-facing cameras. In addition, the wrench provides access to "ghost mode" to help users line up shots, as well as a torch feature that enables users to shoot video in low-light settings.

Currently the new features are only available within the iOS app, but are expected to come to Android soon.