Wix Launches Video Features

Maureen Alley
by Maureen Alley 12 Oct, 2009

In August, Website Magazine reported on Wix's launch of its free Flash ecommerce website builder. Wix is back in the news this week with the launch of new features to provide users with more creative control over videos embedded in websites. This news comes two weeks after new reports show that online video is gaining momentum each month with 158 billion viewed in July and 161 million in August, according to comScore.

The new features allow users to control when a video plays - when a visitor enters the site or later. Users can also manage the appearance of the video such as playing at full screen. In addition, YouTube videos can play in High Definition.

Wix launched in June 2008 and a quick look at Compete.com shows the site had approximately 557,000 unique visitors in August 2009 - an increase from 48,000 visitors in August 2008.


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