5 Simple Steps to Secure More Website Conversions

Udit Verma
by Udit Verma 08 Jan, 2018
Conversion rates refer to the percentage of customers who responded to the action you wanted them to take.

Higher conversion rates typically equate to more profits. For those struggling to see the numbers they expected, take a look at five critical areas to adjust:
1. Social proof
Customers are always looking for a review or testimonial before they buy a product or service. Hence, make sure that you have an honest customer testimonial from a real purchaser. Consider adding social proof to ad landing pages and product pages as well as monitoring third-party review sites to earn prominent search placement as these sites tend to rank higher than others. 
2. Clear contact information
You should also make sure that you provide clear contact information-it could be a telephone number or live chat option as long as they can reach you in just a matter of minutes. This will give potential customers the confidence that the company is real and legitimate. It also assures them that you are ready to answer their inquiries and questions pertinent to the product or services that you offer.
3. Increased credibility
A reputable online presence will most likely amplify your conversion rates. "Trust" seals from Better Business Bureau, Verisign, or other security firms will draw heavier traffic to your website. People are most likely to narrow down their options to reputable companies only, and they look at the ratings first before deciding if it's worth the visit or not.
4. Offer long guarantees
Aside from that, you can also drive people to do the action you want them to take by offering longer guarantees. For instance, if a customer is to choose between a company that offers a 30-day guarantee and 365-day guarantee; he will be most likely to choose the latter. It gives them confidence that your offerings are of high quality and you'll always be willing to help them out if something went wrong.
5. Compelling Headline
Always remember that the headline will make the first impression of what visitors are expected to see on your website. Hence, make sure that you create a compelling headline that will urge them to navigate more and read your content. A dramatic headline can drastically increase your conversion rates. Make sure that you test new headlines frequently and use the one that drives increased conversion rates over other headlines that you have used.
These are just some of the steps to amplify the conversion rates of your business. From there, mind the quality of your products or services because the experience does not end at the sale.

About the Author
Udit Verma is the co-founder of vNative.com, which is performance marketing software that connects an organization's entire marketing arsenal to multiply impact in real-time.