50 Top Digital Customer Service Solutions

The more a business engages with its customers, the clearer certain issues become - from software glitches to reputation attacks, and every other conversion-related barrier between. Listening, however, is rarely enough. Enterprises must act on what they know.


The good news is, once a brand is made aware of problems negatively impacting its business, the easier it is to determine the next step in making the necessary corrections. Digital customer service solutions provide every 'Net enterprise, large and small, a perfect opportunity to understand the customer experience better and reposition their brands, as well as their products and services, in a way that propels the company forward.


There has never been a more important time to invest in these solutions, as today's digital consumers are more demanding than ever. For example, new research from PayPro Global reveals that time is a key factor in the process of successful customer acquisition and retention. The results showed that however easy it is to buy a product on the Web, questions still arise on the path to conversion and an enterprise's customer support team should be prepared to eliminate the psychological roadblocks in the purchasing process for their customers - and provide support when consumers are ready. The Connecting Customer Report also showed that 83 percent of online customers require assistance to complete a purchase - that data point alone should demonstrate that businesses must have strong, highly active customer service in place if the aim is, as it should be, greater and more valuable conversions.


Web-based customer service solutions, from live chat tools to help desk software, should be much more than just a line item in a brand's technology budget. These important offerings enable enterprises to manage their customer communication, build good will and drive users toward conversion. In this edition of Website Magazine's Top 50, readers will find many of the digital world's top solutions for providing customer service on today's Web.


There are, of course, many others that warrant the attention of digital marketers, virtual salespeople and the 'Net community at large. To discover a few emerging companies in this highly competitive space and explore what makes them so unique, visit wsm.co/3cssolutions.