50 Top Solutions for the Ecommerce Customer Experience

Today, advertisers and marketers have the power to capture every interaction a customer has with a brand across all channels and even in real-time.

The ability to optimize these interactions to improve "customer experience," however, is what separates the digital haves from the have nots.

For many enterprises, improving and optimizing the customer experience is already part of their processes and procedures (kudos); for others, however, it takes low priority on an already full digital wish list. There is help for both groups. The issue, though, is that the customer experience extends over a very long time. It also plays a role in initiatives including awareness (e.g. display advertising), attraction (e.g. search marketing), interaction (e.g. site optimization - see the feature article this month for more) and lest you forget, the use of the products or services (e.g. future communication), as well as their advocacy by consumers.

Website Magazine's Top 50 list for Feb. 2013 focuses on many of the premier solutions available for understanding and optimizing the customer experience. As you might imagine, a fair amount of virtual ground is covered on a list of this nature, as customer experience is a broad area to discuss.

Nonetheless, these solutions (when implemented and fully leveraged) present exciting opportunities to drive revenue growth in some very significant ways. For example, Web-facing enterprises can tap into the opportunities presented in customer reviews with a service like BazzarVoice (#1) whose mere presence instills trust. Other opportunities include integrating more advanced site search functionality from providers including SLI-Sytems (#16), Nextopia (#46) or SearchSpring (#38). And what customer experience initiative would be complete without launching a live chat initiative? Live chat is arguably the best way to influence this essential consumer experience and providers, such as LivePerson (#7), Velaro (#9), WhosOn (#14) or Boldchat (#19) can help.

There are myriad opportunities for Web-facing brands to provide a better customer experience. It's important for retailers to not approach customer experience as just another initiative, but rather as a style of operating their business. When the customer is placed first with an optimized experience, businesses will be rewarded with repeat visits, higher average order values and a better, overall perception.


1. BazaarVoice.com
2. Medallia.com

3. ProvideSupport.com
4. GetSatisfaction.com
5. LiveChatInc.com
6. GoToAssist.com
7. LivePerson.com
8. Kampyle.com
9. Velaro.com
10. Live2Support.com
11. Extole.com

12. ChannelIntelligence.com
13. Vitrue.com
14. WhosOn.com
15. PredictiveIntent.com
16. SLI-systems.com
17. Usablenet.com
18. iGoDigital.com
19. BoldChat.com
20. OpinionLab.com

21. UserVoice.com
22. iPerceptions.com
23. ForeseeResults.com
24. Chat4Support.com
25. Needle.com
26. Payvment.com
27. Celebros.com
28. MyBuys.com
29. Strands.com

30. ClickandChat.com
31. Rapleaf.com
32. WebsiteAlive.com
33. Sitepal.com
34. ShopVisible.com
35. RichRelevance.com
36. Turn.com
37. SaleCycle.com
38. SearchSpring.net
39. Moontoast.com
40. Barilliance.com
41. UpSellIt.com

42. Mercent.com
43. Intellichat.com
44. SpringMetrics.com
45. MoxieSoft.com
46. Nextopia.com
47. ReferralCandy.com
48. TeaLeaf.com
49. Hybris.com
50. Userlike.com

About This Ranked Data
Website Magazine's Top 50 rankings are a measure of a website's popularity. Ranks are calculated using a proprietary method that focuses on average daily unique visitors and page views over a specified period of time, as reported by multiple data sources. The website with the highest combination of factors is ranked in the first position. Conducting research, making formal comparisons and talking to existing clients and users before making and purchase decision is always recommended.