Amazon Webstore Merchants Can Now Verify Gated Discounts

While not necessarily expected, exclusive discounts for students, teachers and military sure are welcomed and, for retailers, could mean the difference between sale or no sale. 


Traditionally, however, retailers have been unable to offer promotions to these targeted audiences online because they were unable to verify whether the shopper was affiliated with the military or an educational institution, for example. Often written about at Website Magazine, SheerID is a multichannel verification technology provider that gives confidence to merchants that their discounts are only being used by those who are eligible for them. 


Just in time for the holidays, SheerID is bringing its technology to retailers who use the Amazon Webstore platform. Those merchants can now create exclusive offers and discounts for targeted audiences, like students, teachers, and military.


"Many of our clients have turned to SheerID to bring in-store offers online or to launch new offers for the academic and military communities," explains Jake Weatherly, CEO for SheerID. "As an Amazon Webstore solution provider, we're really looking forward to working with Amazon merchants to prevent coupon code fraud and develop personalized connections with new customers using strategic, targeted discounts or offers."


What's more, consumers do not have to give merchants highly personal information (like social security numbers) to verify their eligibility status and verification takes a split second. Legoland California is a SheerID customer and uses the following form to verifiy military status:



From there, retailers can track the success of their targeted marketing campaigns and calculate ROI.