AMP for Ecommerce with BigCommerce

Google's AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) project is not just for information publishers - those in ecommerce can now take advantage too.

BigCommerce just announced that it has added native support for AMP, making it possible for the company's 55,000 merchants to generate a new version of their website's category and product detail pages on mobile devices, and benefit from the frameworks' faster page load speeds and opportunity to optimize for greater search engine visibility.

"Mobile has become the primary shopping method for many online consumers, and ecommerce brands are increasingly realizing that their mobile sites need greater prioritization," said Brian Dhatt, chief technology officer for BigCommerce.

"AMP effectively removes extraneous details that distract from the shopping experience, allowing shoppers to quickly access catalog and product pages, find the information that is most relevant to their purchase decision and proceed to checkout without the typical friction often associated with mobile shopping."

BigCommerce indicated that merchants who utilized AMP on category pages in a closed beta which ran in mid-2017 experienced a 20 percent improvement in click-through rate on average.

The ecommerce platform partnered with ecommerce design agency Pixel Union for the AMP themes.