An Online Shopping Companion

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 15 Dec, 2015

There is a new commerce platform available that is making a splash in the online and mobile shopping space.


The platform, dubbed Shopicks, streamlines the shopping process via a built-in Web browser and a mobile app solution. The platform is currently available on Google Chrome and iOS, and is being touted as an amazing shopping companion because it provides users with the ability to capture their online shopping discoveries, provides mobile navigation to preferred stores, offers sale alerts on saved items and allows users to share collections with friends.


With Shopicks, users can create collections of their favorite items from any website and manage all of their shopping choices from one central place. The desktop solution features a toolbar that pops up at the bottom of a webpage when shoppers want to use it. Users simply drag items found on any website to the toolbar and sort them into different collections. Conversely, the mobile app syncs automatically with the Web platform, which allows users to take their items with them on-the-go and find their preferred stores by using the Shopping GPS feature. Plus, the mobile app enables users to shop on their device's browser, collect their favorite items and capture them into their app.


"Today, there's a lot of chaos in online shopping, and the variety of options is truly overwhelming for consumers. From a multitude of personalized retailer emails and promotions to endless sites and shopping carts, it's a challenge for consumers to keep tabs on all their shopping lists," says Adriana Neumann, Chief Executive Officer at Shopicks. "Shoppers need a better way to intuitively manage and organize their shopping, all in one place, so when they are ready to make a purchase they have all the information they need, online or in-store. We developed and designed Shopicks with shoppers in mind - to help educate consumers so that they make informed purchase decisions."


It is important to note that Shopick helps shoppers avoid creating multiple accounts or shopping carts from different websites. This is because a user's data is stores in one convenient location. Additionally, users can share collections with friends and invite them to rate, comment and give feedback on items.