As Retailers Consolidate Systems, Demandware Looks to Be The One"

With a plethora of disconnected systems running their ecommerce operations, the majority of retail executives (53 percent) plan to implement a unified commerce platform within five years. Even more (86 percent), plan to do so over the next 10 years (read PDF). This makes choosing the right single platform for a business more important than ever, as many ecommerce brands will start to work with less add-ons or third-party integrations. 

With this emerging standard, many software providers are looking to become that one system everything is integrated into. Demandware, a provider of cloud-based ecommerce solutions, has recently announced its continued investment in its One Platform, including:

Store Center - a cloud point-of-sale (POS) solution based on Tomax technology, which Demandware acquired in January of 2015.

Order Center - a distributed order management solution that enables buy-anywhere, fulfill-anywhere experiences.

Predictive Merchandising - a new site personalization solution built on intellectual property obtained through the acquisition of CQuotient.

Predictive Email - an email personalization solution, based on CQuotient technology.

"Retailers are struggling with siloed systems that each address one specific problem for one specific channel," said Jeff Barnett, chief operating officer of Demandware. "They want a unified commerce platform that eliminates the siloes and enables a true omni-channel experience."

"Demandware will continue to invest in technology that empowers retailers to engage customers in new ways, online and in-store. With our new solutions, retailers have choices. They can move at their own speed, implementing the pieces that are important to them now and go from there," continued Barnett.