ASICS Laces Up with hybris

With B2C ecommerce sales expected to grow 18.3 percent in 2013, ASICS - most known for their running shoes - is one company that is racing to meet the demands of the booming industry. 

ASICS has selected hybris, a commerce software provider recently acquired by SAP, to help with its business and sales growth. hybris's Commerce Suite will be used for the infrastructure of the company's new global consumer websites, featuring corporate, branding and ecommerce functions. hybris's quick time to market and intuitive tools will enable ASICS to be ready for the sales growth in the coming years.

ASICS chose hybris for a few reasons that prove they are making a strategic decision to rise above the competition in the retail industry:

- Large installation base among global customers, supremacy supported by third-party endorsers, and high evaluation for global business deployment and support provision.

- Platform supporting global operations and enhanced functionalities as well as easy-to-use intuitive tools for end-users and business users.

- Architecture enabling fast time to market, flexible functional scalability and price structure.