Automate the Sales Workflow

Sales software provider ToutApp has unveiled a new product called Sales Campaigns, which allows sales managers and reps to automate complex sales playbooks into shareable workflows.


The new product helps supports the entire sales funnel, from helping sales development reps better scale outreach to helping account executives close deals faster all while tracking and evaluating every touch.


"Sales reps are challenged to manage intricate workflows that span email, phone calls and social," said Tawheed (TK) Kader, CEO and founder of ToutApp. "With Sales Campaigns, reps can automate these increasingly complex outreach strategies, focusing only on the steps that allow them to move a deal forward, regardless of the potential buyer's position in the funnel." 


It is important to note that ToutApp's Sales Campaigns technology aims to simplify the workflow and optimize time management by allowing reps to automate and organize emails, phone calls and social outreach through one dashboard. What's more, by enabling users to create and leverage automated workflows, Sales Campaigns frees up time for sales reps so they can focus on conversations that build relationships and bring deals to a close.


In addition to automated workflows, Sales Campaigns offers tracking and evaluation tools that can help sales reps be smarter and more effective in their outreach initiatives. Additionally, Sales Campaigns features team-wide sharing functionality, which enables sales teams to collaborate and boosts productivity.


"At ToutApp, we empower salespeople and make them more efficient so they can get to the next right move and push things forward," said Kader. "Sales Campaigns isn't about automating the salesperson. Instead, we focus on automating the grunt work in the workflow so that they can do the things that matter the most."