Baynote to Power Ecommerce Recommendations with Endeca

Baynote, a well-known recommendation and social search engine, has partnered with Endeca through Endeca Extend to provide a deeper user experience for ecommerce sites and publishers.

Those participating in the Endeca Extend partner program will have the ability to leverage Baynote to provide product and content recommendations to site visitors. Baynote's Collective Intelligence Platform (CIP) uses the collective intelligence of site visitors to engage future site visitors, based on past behaviors and/or transactions. Baynote claims that ecommerce sites using product recommendations, e-mail recommendations and social search through CIP see an average of 20-30 percent increase in revenues.

Endeca touts some of the largest websites and retailers on the Web using their systems for both customer-facing functions and internal management. Endeca Extend helps websites build a total experience through the use of "cartridges," using tools and data from partners like Coremetrics, Omniture, Webtrends, Bazaarvoice and more, including now Baynote. The result is the ability for merchants and publishers to customize their customer-facing offerings based on their user's preferences and behaviors.

"Baynote is thrilled to add Endeca to our growing list of prestigious technology partners," said Kaushik Ghate, Baynote Product Manager. "By joining the Endeca Extend partner program we are able to combine Baynote's technology, which taps into the collective wisdom of the silent majority of site visitors, with the efficiency, speed and ease of Endeca's Commerce and Publishing Suites. It's a winning combination that we are excited to offer our joint customers who want to maximize their online revenues and overall customer experience."