Better Merchandising, Better Insights for Retailers

Better merchandising tools and deeper business insights top most merchants' wish lists but wanting and getting are often two separate things.

Magento, however, has released key new features to Magento Enterprise Edition 1.14.2 and Community Edition 1.9.2 that should help users accelerate their success in these areas.

Key new features include:

- New automated product category sorting capabilities for Enterprise Edition that make merchandising faster and consistently highlight top performing and profitable products.

- Integration of Google Tag Manager in Enterprise Edition to enable faster time to market for new marketing campaigns, more accurate data collection, and access to advanced reporting and analytics.

- Access to new automated functional tests to help improve implementation quality and time to market by speeding up the testing process.

These updates, meant for retailers of all sizes, expand the capabilities of the Magento platform, as do just-announced partnerships such as the Braintree Payment Extension.

Now integrated with Braintree, Magento offers retailers the ability to increase sales, reduce risk and deliver a better customer experience by managing customer issues like exchanges and errors over the phone without ever having to request the customer's credit card information a second time.

"We have seen merchants decrease their fraud rates once they implemented Braintree. That alone is worth the investment. We are using this extension for very large merchants - some doing more than $100 million in online volume," said Ariel Spiegel, Principal, SDG Inc. a Magento Gold Solution Partner.