Big Data Solutions for the Everyday Retailer

As each second ticks by, Splunk

In business not only is it important to understand how you are currently performing but also how you performed in the past to look for trends and patterns in performance. Splunk allows businesses to leverage data that is currently being produced against historical data to look for unseen and hidden patterns that can help them improve their performance in the future.


When deciding on a big data solution not only is it important to select a solution that delivers a sufficient amount of data but also how it displays the data. Keeping the display short and sweet, while delivering all the key information that companies are expecting, is no easy feat. However, through clean graphs and charts GoodData delivers actionable data in an easy to understand way.


Oracle is one of the most recognized companies in the Web technology industry. With dozens of products and solutions to help companies improve their online presence Oracle offers something for nearly every need. Their Big Data analytics product allows companies to uncover hidden insights and patterns as well as enabling companies to see what is not working.


The amount of information that big data analytics can provide businesses with can be dizzying at times. Along with their big data analytics platform, Teradata also offers consulting services to help companies clear the hurdle of understanding and fully leveraging the data they are receiving from the powerful solution.


Claiming to use your data to 100 percent of its potential, HP's big data solution, HAVEn, offers companies a powerful solution that is able to scale with a company. Also, with ready-to-deploy appliances, reference architectures and infrastructure services companies can quickly set up and receive results from HAVEn.


With the ability to be implemented in the cloud as well as let employee in the business use the platform, 1010data's Big Data Discovery platform makes for an intriguing option for companies looking to implement a system that can be accessed anytime from anywhere.


With a slew of services available for companies to leverage, Amazon has transformed itself from just a consumer marketplace to a jack of all trades with its cloud services, disaster recovery and gaming solutions among other things. Amazon also offers a big data solution through its Amazon Web Services platform.


To fully leverage the information that big data analytics provides companies must be able to quickly and clearly understand what their platform is telling them. Pentaho accomplishes this vital task through visual analytics tools such as an easy to understand dashboard and interactive analysis tools.


Not every solution is going to work for all ecommerce retailers so it is important that retailers carefully analyze the features that come with each solution. SAP has multiple big data solutions available that help businesses with everything from Predicative Analytics to Business Intelligence.