Bitcoin - Do You Really Need to Support It?

Few merchants currently provide support for Bitcoin, but they may change as numerous new software services and solutions are making it much easier to process payments with the emerging cryptocurrency.

Last week Square announced ( its support for Bitcoin but it's not alone. Coinvoice, for example, which began as one of the web's first USD-to-Bitcoin invoicing services, just revealed that it too now offers the ability to actually process payments from Bitcoin-to-USD and has even integrated with popular ecommerce software solutions Ubercart, Magento, and Woocommerce.

"It enables people who want to tap into the bitcoin economy but don't want to expose themselves to the risks of new technology and market volatility." says Marco Peereboom, Coinvoice CTO.

With the rollout of ecommerce integration, Coinvoice has introduced a Sandbox version of the site where merchants can test the site and all of its functionality in real time using testnet coins.

"I am particularly excited about the Sandbox version of the site since it allows prospective merchants to test the entire site without formally registering" says Jacob Yocom-Piatt, CEO of Coinvoice.

Does the presence of more Bitcoin-related technology solutions inspire you and your company to consider extending support for the cryptocurrency? Comment below and let us know.