Bitcoin for Merchants; CardinalCommerce and Bitnet Join Forces

Payment provider CardinalCommerce and digital commerce platform Bitnet have joined forces to enable online merchants and ecommerce stores to accept Bitcoin as online payment for their goods and services (effective immediately).

Bitnet's integration with CardinalCommerce will allow merchants to display the prices of their goods in any of the 60 major world currencies, accept bitcoin as payment, and receive funds in their local currency - without ever needing to actually handle bitcoin themselves.

There are plenty of reasons for online merchants to consider Bitcoin as a payment option. Since transaction fees are lower (that other forms of payment) and because there's no threat of chargebacks the integration should be appealing to those involved, in any way, with ecommerce.

"Bitcoin has turned the global Internet into a secure, seamless payment network - likely the most significant leap forward in FinTech history. We are honored to be partnering with CardinalCommerce to deliver the tremendous benefits of bitcoin to merchants." said John McDonnell, co-founder and CEO, Bitnet. "Cardinal is the 'go-to' provider for cutting edge payments solutions, so it is no surprise that our friends at Cardinal are as excited as we are at Bitnet to help merchants eliminate fraud while reducing processing costs through bitcoin acceptance."