Buy Now; Data Breaches Be Damned

A reasonable and intelligent person might believe that with the increasing number of data breaches occurring at companies across the globe, users would be worried enough about their privacy and security to avoid buying anything altogether - but that does not seem to be the case. 

A study conducted by Blumberg Capital, in fact, found that only 19 percent of Internet users said they would cut back on shopping digitally, and only four percent had taken that step. While threats and data breaches seem to be more common, they don't seem to be common enough to change the behavior of consumers.

For the most part, respondents indicated they had already taken steps to avoid issues in the case of a data breach such as not saving their credit card information (33 percent) at the retailer and changing their passwords regularly (29 percent). 

The data from Blumberg Capital is in line with other reports which shows data breaches really don't seem to be scaring off buyers.

A March 2016 KPMG survey, for example, which asked if internet users would continue to shop at a retailer following a security breach, 81 percent indicated they would. 

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