Charge for Downloads with Tinypass

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 27 Mar, 2014

Publishers can start making revenue from their downloadable content, thanks to a new feature from commerce solutions provider Tinypass.

The feature, dubbed Tinypass Downloads, can be implemented on existing websites so that publishers can sell access to downloadable assets. It is also important to note that the paid content feature doesn't require customers to leave the publisher's website. Moreover, Tinypass Downloads supplements the company's other offerings, which includes paywalls, donations and videos.

"Many publishers' most valuable content is downloadable: from research reports to video clips to podcasts," said Trevor Kaufman, CEO of Tinypass. "Publishers have been seeking a simple way to offer these assets within their existing site, with individual prices, surrounded by their own branding and messaging. Tinypass Downloads makes monetizing this content easier than ever."