Class Is In Session for SheerID

Retailers who advertise discounts to specialty groups, such as military, students and first responders, can create goodwill, brand loyalty and positive word-of-mouth. This is the idea behind SheerID, which helps merchants eliminate fraud when providing discounts for these types of audiences.


SheerID verifies shoppers by just a name, email and institution. Its verification plug-in can be configured to ecommerce websites, internal customer sales systems, mobile applications or POSs. SheerID recently launched professor verification for retailers - providing a better shopping experience for this consumer group.


"Before SheerID, people who qualified for special offers like teacher discounts usually couldn't take advantage of these offers online; they had to make their purchases in-store and show ID to the cashier," said Jake Weatherly, CEO of SheerID. "If an academic discount was offered online, teachers and professors were required to fax copies of their ID or interrupt the shopping process to check their .edu email account and click on a link. With SheerID's automatic online verification, the process is instant and seamless."


For the retailers, there is also a chance to increase conversions.


"SheerID clients have seen an increase in conversion rate of up to 25 percent after launching an exclusive discount to a targeted audience," said Weatherly. "Showing your support to a group that has a strong sense of affiliation like college students, teachers, and military personnel by offering an exclusive discount creates that tipping point that every retailer is seeking. Seventy-three percent of college students and 94 percent of military members say they are more likely to shop from a company who offers an exclusive discount to them. By speaking directly to those groups, you become relevant to them in a significant way that prevents them from shopping around and increases your conversion rates."


For a better idea of how SheerID's Automatic Verification Process works, check out the visual below: