Classic Companies Can't Rest on their Commerce Laurels

Digital natives don't have high expectations of how a 75-year-old person should be able to develop or leverage technology (although there are many highly tech-savvy seniors, of course), but when it's a 75-year-old brand, that's a completely different story.

Despite its seven-decade history of being a specialty food retailer, Di Bruno Bros. is held to the same ecommerce standards as any another products provider. With exceedingly lofty consumer expectations, Di Bruno Bros. recently announced the re-launch of its online store with the help of Groove, a Baltimore-based creative marketing, Web design and development agency, as part of its strategic plan to expand its online retail operations.

Since its re-launch on the Bigcommerce Enterprise platform, the new Di Bruno Bros. store has seen a 19.5 percent increase in online orders as well as a 43 percent improvement in conversion rates.

The retailer's mobile numbers are sure to improve as well, as nearly 40 percent of the former site's traffic came from mobile devices. As a result, Groove developed a responsive, mobile-optimized experience to capture incremental revenues from mobile shoppers.

The use of Bigcommerce will also provide Di Bruno Bros. the ability to measure transactions through enhanced reporting tools to aid in marketing optimization.

"As we explored ecommerce platform options, we discovered we didn't need the complexity offered by our previous system," said Janeane Tolomeo, marketing and content manager, Di Bruno Bros. "The digital space continues to change exponentially, and having a platform proven to keep pace with trends and functionality advances was important to us. Bigcommerce is always updating and listening to its customers, giving us great confidence our investments in our site will continue to pay dividends now and in the future."