Connecting With Consumers Outside the Purchase Experience

Steven Edge
by Steven Edge 16 Jan, 2023

It's not been easy for offline brands to take advantage of the power of the digital experience but that's beginning to change. 

Users of "conversational conversion" and engagement loyalty solution Chirpify, for example, will now be able to integrate the technology into their mobile applications.

Consumers will be able to connect their social media accounts to the mobile application (increasing the brand's membership conversion rate) and earn loyalty program rewards for their social and chat engagement, providing businesses a tangible and practical opportunity to more deeply interact with existing customers and prospects.

The integration also makes it possible for brands to match up a customer's social identity (from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) to existing accounts and customer records, making their CRM more useful for future segmentation and retargeting efforts.

Chirpify Social Rewards

There are numerous practical applications of such an integration. One example of a Chirpify customer already using the integration is that of Silver Diner's "Eat Well Do Well" Rewards Club. Members of the loyalty program can use Silver Diner's mobile app to link their social media accounts to the restaurant's reward program for instant earnings and redemptions.

Chirpify enables Silver Diner to listen for specific conversations and social media actions, such as topics, hashtags, photo uploads, sharing links and more. Silver Diner can also define rules such as geo-fencing, frequency, and influence, automatically responding to consumers whose posts meet the listening and rules criteria. Members earn points for every eligible social action on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Facebook Messenger.

"Chirpify's customers have long known the benefits of connecting and engaging with consumers outside the purchase experience," said Chris Teso, CEO and founder of Chirpify. "Now Chirpify is helping them create greater utility in the process, giving consumers the ability to register to a brand's engagement loyalty program instantly, connecting their social identity to their existing loyalty account through the Chirpify mobile app integration."