Consumers Name Their Own Price with Greentoe

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 22 Oct, 2013

A new platform could prove to be a very valuable tool for consumers this holiday season.


The platform, dubbed Greentoe, enables consumers to essentially "name their own price" for products ranging from appliances to baby goods. Upon arriving at the Greentoe website, consumers simply need to submit an offer for a particular product. Greentoe assists consumers in submitting an offer via its automated "price recommendation meter" technology and price comparison listings.


After the offer is submitted, Greentoe shops the offer to its network of retailers to see if any merchant is willing to accept the offered price. If the deal is made, the item ships to the consumer directly from the retailer. It is important to note that Greentoe's network of retailers range from small to big-box companies. The company only accepts authorized retailers and leverages a strict vetting process. Merchants that are interested in participating with the platform can send a request to the Greentoe team via email.


This shopping tool could prove to be very useful for consumers, as it helps them save money and time. Plus, all offers made by the consumer include tax and shipping, and all purchases come with a 14-day return policy. In addition, the company states that its prices beat Amazon's prices by 20 percent on average, which could help the platform attract traffic this holiday season.