CORESense Opens Up with Web Services API

Cloud-based retail management and ecommerce software solution CORESense has announced the general availability of its Web Services API which opens up the system's back office to developers, providing them with access to data and an opportunity to integrate with third-party applications. 

A few of the company's existing clients have already used the API to integrate third-party ecommerce shopping carts and applications, and it was used internally to develop the vendor's new Connect Mobile Point of Sale. APIs are already available today for Orders, Customers, Products, Users, Payments and Shopping Cart.

"The launch of the CORESense API is a significant milestone in the evolution of our product and greatly enhances CORESense's ability to improve the competitiveness of our retail and ecommerce clients," said CORESense President Chris Martin. 

"Up until now, integration has been a complex and expensive endeavor. Now with the introduction of this API, clients benefit from a robust and affordable technology that enables them to better tailor the CORESense solution to meet their unique business requirements. It also encourages third-party application developers to extend their reach to the many CORESense clients. Clients will be able to access a wide range of third-party applications that will improve their business operations and sales opportunities."