Create a Cohesive Commerce Experience

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 19 Nov, 2013

Internet retailers don't need to hire a developer to create a cohesive ecommerce store, because Ecwid's revamped 1&1 app aims to create a consistent shopping experience with no coding required.


Ecwid's upgraded app includes a "Chameleon" feature, which ensures that Ecwid stores installed through 1&1's app store are visually and structurally compatible with all 1&1 do-it-yourself website templates. The app automatically adopts the host site's color scheme, CSS style and other basic designs. In addition, the revamped app also features an improved user experience, mobile responsive design, is compliant with German and EU regulations, supports 1&1's iPayments as well as new languages, including German, French, Italian and Spanish.


"As small businesses all over the world compete to capture online revenues, there is enormous demand for easily installed ecommerce functionality," says Maika-Alexander Stangenberg, head of corporate communications, 1&1 Internet Inc. "We integrate best-in-class Apps, so website owners and end consumers can always trust that 1&1 MyWebsite will perform well. Apps like Ecwid that are deployed seamlessly within MyWebsite deliver powerful benefits for all levels of user."