Create Interactive Commerce Experiences with SkavaStudio

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 01 Oct, 2013

Multi-channel ecommerce solutions provider Skava has launched a new product that helps merchants create interactive digital marketing and commerce enabled experiences for the traditional Web and mobile devices.

The product, named SkavaSTUDIO, doesn't require any coding knowledge and contains built-in support for many common types of retail marketing campaigns, including look-books, mini-sites, flash sales, landing pages, gift guides, digital catalogs, product finders and more. Plus, SkavaSTUDIO offers creative flexibility and works on mobile, tablet and desktop channels. It is also important to note that SkavaSTUDIO is built upon the SkavaONE mobilecommerce platform and supports full ecommerce integration.

"As ecommerce continues to grow, retail marketing teams are continually looking for ways to create rich experiences for their customers across all channels to improve customer engagement and conversion," said Arish Ali, Skava CEO and Co-founder. "SkavaSTUDIO empowers them to bring such experiences to life and frees up their IT teams to focus on more strategic projects. Skava has been working closely with retailers for several years and we saw a real need for a solution that addresses the CMO imperative for rapid innovation, and meets the CIO imperative for best-of-breed enterprise class technology."