Cyber Threats to Spike This Holiday Season

Security Solutions provider Webroot is warning shoppers of the increase in security threats for online shoppers in the upcoming weeks and months. "Last year we saw an 87 percent increase in malicious URLs between October and December. These sites are typically used to trick shoppers into giving their credit or debit card numbers, or to download malware," said Peter Watkins, CEO, Webroot.

The worst of it is expected to hit on Cyber Monday, December 1.

This serves as a good reminder to make sure consumers feel safe on your website. This includes making privacy policies and security information easily accessible, displaying security badges throughout your website and providing contact information. Also be sure to take these measures on landing pages - while you don't want to take away from a call to action, simple links or short sentences about user security, followed by a link for more information is appropriate and could be a determining factor at checkout.